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Individual cakes and bakes

 All of our cakes and bakes are available individually via our online shop. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required.

When ordering a Princess Tea or Queen Tea service, the below cakes will be in bite size form in individual servings.


Victoria Sponge Cake (serves 8)
$20 each

A traditonal British layer cake made up of two buttery and light sponge cake rounds that sandwich a thick layer of raspberry preserve topped with a sprinkling of white granulated sugar.

British Scones, cream and jam
$2.00 each
$0.50 extra for fruit

$3.50 extra for cream
$1.50 extra for jam

Similar to American biscuits but made with less butter, usually served warm. Top it off with strawberry preserve and clotted cream as well as Raisins or Cranberries can be added for a delicious twist.

Lemon Drizzle Cake
(serves 8)
$20 each

A light and zesty square sponge cake with a crunchy lemon icing top garnished with a crystallized lemon rind twist.

Bakewell Tart
(serves 8-10)
$15 each

A layer of light and buttery pastry covered with raspberry preserve topped with a thin almond flavored sponge topped with flaked almonds.

(serves 8-10)
$12 each
$3 extra for Lemon

A crisp, rich, crumbly type of biscuit (cookie) made with butter and flour topped with white granulated sugar. Lemon zest can be added for a delicious twist.

(serves 8)
$15 each

A very rich but very scrumptious chocolate fridge confection made of crushed graham crackers, butter, golden syrup, coco powder and raisins topped with a layer of chocolate.

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